What is IRA Approved Gold?

What is IRA Approved Gold?

what is IRA approved gold?

In this article, I will show you what is IRA approved gold because when it comes to investing in IRA coins or bullion, not all coins or bullion are approved. That’s because the IRS has placed strict purity rules and requirements and rightly so. Therefore, all coins and bullion approved, are those who meet the strict IRA rules. The IRA-approved gold should have a purity grade of at least 0,995, for silver 0,999, for platinum 0,9995, and 0,9995 for palladium.

What is IRA Approved Gold?

Gold IRA approved

  • 1-American gold eagle coins
  • 2-American gold buffalo coins
  • 3-Australian gold kangaroo nuggets/coins
  • 4-Austrian gold philharmonic coins
  • 5-Canadian gold maple leaf coins
  • 6-Credit Suisse golden bars
  • 7-Johnson Matthey gold bar
  • 8-Valcambi gold combi bar

Silver IRA approved

  • 1-American silver eagle coins
  • 2-Australian kookabarra silver coins
  • 3-Austrian Philharmonic silver coin
  • 4-Canadian silver maple leaf coins
  • 5-Mexican silver libertad coins
  • 6-Johnson Matthey silver bar
  • 7-Royal Canadian silver bar

Platinum IRA approved

  • 1-American Eagle platinum coins
  • 2-Australian koala platinum coins
  • 3-Canadian maple leaf platinum coins
  • 4-Isle of man noble coins.

Palladium IRA approved

  • 1-Canadian palladium maple leaf coins
  • 2-Russian ballerina palladium coins
  • 3-Baird palladium bars
  • 4-Credit Suisse palladium bars.

Gold must be stored in an IRS-approved depository. In particular, investors do not have to stash gold bars or coins in their homes or closets.

Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver

There are several reasons to invest in gold. The most important are:

  •  To protect and preserve wealth from unexpected events.
  •  A hedge when the stock market is not expected to do well.
  •  Portfolio diversification.
  •  The Ukrainian war
  •  Loss of confidence in central banks
  •  Geopolitical uncertainty
  •  The US-China trade war.
  • The covid-19 triggered a recession
  • The oncoming famine
  • The high levels of inflation

Should I Include Gold in my Retirement Plan?

Gold is the type of investment that can protect you when times are hard and at the same time will also offer significant gains to your nest egg.  Back in 2001, an ounce of gold cost $271,00.  Ten years later it reached $1896,00, an increase of almost 700%.   During that time, banks and currencies collapsed, and the real estate market collapsed, but the price of gold didn’t.  In particular, gold fed from these calamities, was the rediscovered idol, in a time when everything else collapsed, from mortgages, stocks, credit default swaps, and derivative products, all was too complicated to even understand.

As you can see, a standard IRA, an IRA invested totally in stocks bonds and other funds is actually putting your hard-earned money at risk.  You are relying on government, weak currencies, economies, and large corporations.  Gold and silver can actually safeguard your investment.


Investing in a gold-precious-metals IRA requires certain expertise. A small mistake could cost thousands of dollars.
Before making a major investment decision it is a good idea to read reviews, do your own research, and consult a professional that can guide you with any questions you might have.

I hope this article was thorough enough on what is IRA-approved gold. If you still have any questions feel free to let me know about it in the comment section.

2 Replies to “What is IRA Approved Gold?”

  1. Do you not consider silver, which is at a low price point to be a better precious metal to be a better long term bet for inclusion within your Precious metals IRA. If not why not please?

    1. Right now silver is at a low price point I do agree with you. As a result, the possibility for silver to give better returns to your investment is higher. At the same time, silver is volatile. A smart investor should include silver in his IRA but it should be done at a low percentage of the overall investment. Yes, in my opinion now is a good time to include silver in an IRA investment. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment on my post.

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