Capitalism Faces its Biggest Crisis Ever

Many people in the community are now wondering whether capitalism is still a healthy system, or whether it has changed for the worst, and whether capitalism faces its biggest crisis ever. We are living in a world that can not survive without constant budget deficit, can not survive without cash printing, can not survive without […]

Gold is on Fire – The Facts

Last week’s gold performance has been outstanding. Its run started on Monday from $1,810 and ended on Friday at $1,901 per troy ounce. Gold needs only 19 dollars to get over its record high of $1,920. Judging from last week’s performance this outcome is highly probable to take place the oncoming week. Reasons for Gold […]

Gold Rally Delayed but Gold will Bounce Back

The last few days we’ve seen gold trading below the $1500 mark. Yesterday though, gold’s price dropped just above $1465 per troy ounce. It seemed as the market was overbought and a number of other issues affecting gold’s price seemed to defuse. Firstly, the Europeans offer to accept a delay in Brexit deal, which helped […]

No Reason to Sell Gold

There is no reason to sell gold, as the outlook for gold prices remains positive. All indicators are bullish to gold. There is no end to the trade war between China and the United States. The bond yields will continue to fall. Brexit uncertainty still rising as the Tories lose parliament support. The economic outlook […]

When Will Silver’s Price Rise?

As gold consolidates around the $1500 mark, investors are turning to silver. Silver already enjoys a years high, but compared to gold, still has a long way to go. If we take into account that gold enjoys a six-year high, to silver’s one year, then yes silver has a lot going for it. The truth […]

Is Gold Market Turning to a Bull Market?

Written by HELDER GUIMARAES  After posting a solid performance over the summer, gold is on the verge of testing what can be considered major technical resistance around $1378. The precious metal may be about to get its shine back in a big way, as a number of significant technical developments suggest a strong potential for […]

-Is Now A Good Time To Buy Silver?

  Now is a good time to buy silver, as the US silver Eagle sales in May surged, compared to the previous month. This is interesting, as precious metal sales and sentiment have declined in the West, especially in the United States. ever since Donald Trump was elected President. Most precious metal analysts and investors, […]