Gold Breaks Over the 1600 Mark

Gold Breaks Over the 1600 Mark

Gold breaks over the 1600 mark

Over the last few days, we’ve all witnessed gold breaking over the $1600 mark as stocks suffer significant losses. There is a lot of nervousness in the market which is one of the reasons why gold breaks over the 1600 mark, and people are putting gold and silver into their portfolios.

Why Gold Breaks Over the 1600 Mark

In the meantime, the US dollar is actually strengthening against both the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Investors see the dollar as a safe haven trade, as people move into the dollar and into the US equity market. In this market condition, there is a headwind for precious metals, especially gold.

The Coronavirus Threatens the Global Economy

Gold Breaks Over the 1600 MarkThe coronavirus has caused an unprecedented economic slowdown with investors rushing into gold to safeguard their investments. The market did not take seriously the effects of the coronavirus early and only recently came to terms with the massive threat it poses to the global economy.

A few days ago the Chinese finally admitted that their GDP is going to get hammered in the first quarter. The market now is taking this seriously. If this continues for very much longer it will have a devastating impact on global growth which will put all the central banks including the FED on full monetary easing policy and that reality is starting potentially to sink in.

More Reasons for the Gold Rally

In addition, the coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many reasons for the price of gold to hit the roof apart from the Wuhan virus.

  1. The overvalued stock market will have to correct itself sooner or later
  2. The upcoming recession that is been held up by the FED
  3. The war on cash with the Europeans continuing their negative interest rates policy
  4. The low bond yields
  5. The global debt bubble
  6. Middle East tensions in Syria escalade 


The metals, gold, and silver, continue to charge higher with parabolic moves and heavy volume. In my opinion, it will be healthy for gold to see a pullback, to allow some profit-taking if this is going to be a bull market. All the signs are there for the rally to continue, we are bullish on gold and silver.

What is the Difference Between Bull Market and Bear Market​

what is the difference between bull market and bear marketAn investor will always come across the terms bull market or bear market. Phrases such as, we are now entering a bull market period, or the bearish market will soon be over, are common. It is important for the investor to know exactly what the difference is between bull market and bear market.

What is the Difference Between Bull Market and Bear Market

Bull Market Definition

A bull market is a period of several months or even years when prices rise. During those months or years, prices will rise by at least 20%. The term is usually in reference to the stock market, but it also applies to foreign exchange, real estate, bonds, commodities, precious metals, etc.

Bull Market Characteristics

Bull markets are characterized by optimism, investor confidence, and expectations that strong results should continue. At the same time, you need a strong economy indicated by high employment, high disposable income, and high business profits. However, investor confidence is more powerful than any economic indicator. When investors believe something is going to happen ( a bull market) then it will happen.

Is Bull Market a Money-Making Opportunity?

Bull markets present a great opportunity for investors to make money. Usually, in a bull market situation, prices rise across the board. Nevertheless, bull markets do not last forever and they never give notice prior to their arrival. Therefore, the investor must know when is the best time to buy or to sell in order to maximize his or her profits. In fact, the investor must attempt to time the market when a bull market begins and time the market when a bull market ends. Timing the market is imperative for making profits. There have been many examples of people who lost their money because their timing was totally wrong.

What I am trying to say here is the following. Just before a bull market is about to start, an experienced investor goes ahead and invests. When a bull market is about to end, the investor sells and puts his or her profits in his pocket. This of course is very difficult because predicting when a bull market is about to start or to end is not easy at all.

Bear Market Definition

On the other side, a Bear market is the exact opposite with market prices falling for a number of months or years, creating a background of negative sentiment.

Bear Market Characteristics

In a bear market, investors lack confidence, and market expectations are low or negative. A bear market appears after negative economic results, such as high unemployment rates, reduced disposable income, and problematic business profits. Most importantly though, investor pessimism plays a larger role than actual poor economic results.

Can I Lose Money in a Bearish Market?

An investor should have his or her eyes open, to get out of the market before it turns bearish. Investing in a bearish market is out of the question. You will lose your money. Experienced investors get back in the market just before it turns bullish. This way they buy low. This is also not easy at all.

What is the Difference Between the Bull Market and the Bear Market?

The difference between the two is that when the market is bullish you can actually make a lot of money by investing in it because the market is on its way up. The market euphoria will last several months or years and this time will be the best time to invest.

On the other side, a bearish market is when bad economic news and performance take over which results in negative sentiment. The market will take a downturn and you will have to get out of the market or invest in non-correlated assets in order to avoid further losses.


Analysts spend thousands of hours trying to determine what will trigger the next bull or bear market and how long it will last. The basic idea behind investing is to buy low and sell high. This will maximize profits. Therefore, to make money you invest at the beginning of a bull market and sell at the end of a bull market. If we could predict when is the best time to buy or sell, then we all would have been millionaires by now.

I hope my, What is the difference between bull market and bear market article has been of great help to you. If you still have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.