Capitalism Faces its Biggest Crisis Ever

Many people in the community are now wondering whether capitalism is still a healthy system, or whether it has changed for the worst, and whether capitalism faces its biggest crisis ever. We are living in a world that can not survive without constant budget deficit, can not survive without cash printing, can not survive without […]

Investing in Gold-July 2020

End of June 2020 and the western world is trying to recover from the covid-19 lock down. How much is the damage caused by the coronavirus and how this economic shutdown will affect the markets remains to be seen. Is there going to be a quick recovery, or there will be a recession? Where should […]

Gold Versus Bitcoin: The Pro-Gold Argument Takes Shape

Sound money advocates who love the concept of cryptocurrencies but don’t want to abandon precious metals have been trying to clarify their thoughts of late. Risk Hedge just helped, with a comprehensive statement of the pro-gold position. The following is an excerpt. All the Reasons Cryptocurrencies Will Never Replace Gold as Your Financial Hedge Despite […]

The Fed has a new Face but Same Look

GOLD OUTLOOK UNCHANGED AS TRUMP APPOINTS POWELL TO CHAIR United States President Donald J. Trump somewhat unpredictably did the predictable by naming Jerome Powell the new Chair of the Federal Reserve. Fond of adding reality show suspense to his appointments, Mr. Trump did exactly what insiders and pundits foresaw by picking the investment banker from […]

European Banks Could Go Broke According to an ECB report

Written by PHILIPPE HERLIN     “Europe’s bank sector has grown too big and may need to shrink, possibly through mergers or failures (…) many banks in the euro area do not earn their cost of capital.” In other words, they are zombie banks, bankrupt and only kept alive by the liquidity flowing from the ECB. “It […]