Inflation Risk: Awareness is Growing

PUBLISHED BY PHILIPPE HERLIN | SEP 16, 2020 | ARTICLES1325  The Fondapol think tank has just published a report with the provocative title, “Whoever Pays his Debts Gets Richer”. We must dare to use this age-old formula at a time when debt is exploding like never before throughout the world, and especially at a time of zero – or […]

Capitalism Faces its Biggest Crisis Ever

Many people in the community are now wondering whether capitalism is still a healthy system, or whether it has changed for the worst, and whether capitalism faces its biggest crisis ever. We are living in a world that can not survive without constant budget deficit, can not survive without cash printing, can not survive without […]

All Time High for Gold Price – What’s Next?

Within a month, gold’s price has reached all time highs breaking all resistance. The yellow metal managed to break through the 2011 historical highs of $1.920. Everything is set for gold to continue its run and market analysts wonder if this is going to be the end of it, or if gold’s epic rally will […]

Gold is on Fire – The Facts

Last week’s gold performance has been outstanding. Its run started on Monday from $1,810 and ended on Friday at $1,901 per troy ounce. Gold needs only 19 dollars to get over its record high of $1,920. Judging from last week’s performance this outcome is highly probable to take place the oncoming week. Reasons for Gold […]

Investing in Gold-July 2020

End of June 2020 and the western world is trying to recover from the covid-19 lock down. How much is the damage caused by the coronavirus and how this economic shutdown will affect the markets remains to be seen. Is there going to be a quick recovery, or there will be a recession? Where should […]

Gold in Short Supply-What’s Next?

Metal producers are reducing gold production due to government restrictions in response to covid-19 concerns. Coronavirus also caused all European precious metal refineries to shut down and disrupted transportation. 1/3 of NYSE listed gold mines have withdrawn 2020 production guidance. The South African government imposed a 3-week shutdown of the country, which means temporary mine […]

The Coronavirus Triggers the Long Overdue Global Recession

Last week, the stock market suffered its largest weekly loss, since the 2008 financial crisis amid worries that one of the largest economic expansions in history may be coming to an end. Many analysts blame the coronavirus for the market downturn. In particular, the Dow Jones suffered the largest fall in history in a week, […]

Gold Breaks Over the 1600 Mark

Over the last few days, we ‘ve all witnessed gold breaking over the $1600 mark as stocks suffer significant losses. There is a lot of nervousness in the market and people are putting gold and silver into their portfolios. In the meantime, the US dollar is actually strengthening against both the Euro and the Japanese […]

Gold Rally Delayed but Gold will Bounce Back

The last few days we’ve seen gold trading below the $1500 mark. Yesterday though, gold’s price dropped just above $1465 per troy ounce. It seemed as the market was overbought and a number of other issues affecting gold’s price seemed to defuse. Firstly, the Europeans offer to accept a delay in Brexit deal, which helped […]