Cryptocurrency Market News – Unstoppable Altcoin Rally

The latest cryptocurrency market news are very exciting indeed. We are actually witnessing an unstoppable altcoin rally. No matter what Bitcoin is actually doing, (right now is just below the $1,2000 mark +2,42%) it seems more and more like the cryptocurrency may be in the midst, of what could become an extended “alt season”: a […]

What is Bitcoin Halving-and What’s Next

Bitcoin’s halving consumes investor interest in the industry. What is Bitcoin halving and what does it mean for the cryptocurrency? In this article, I will present to you the five scenarios regarding Bitcoin’s future. What is Bitcoin Halving? Every ten minutes, new Bitcoins are mined from the Bitcoin network. During the first four Bitcoin years, […]

Famous Crypto Owners

As Bitcoin and altcoins in general turning into a booming industry, it comes as no surprise when many celebrities and billionaires, with disposable income have chosen cryptocurrencies to invest. Successful businessman, famous actors, politicians, and even musicians are proud crypto owners. Bill Gates Bill Gates is no stranger to all of us. He is an […]